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Financial Administration Services

Here at Kal Associates CPAs; we help you develop your organization’s budget, prepare financial reports and we involve in directing your investment activities. Our Financial administration tool is also responsible for planning the organization’s long-term financial goals and protecting assets.

Financial Statements
We make it our responsibility to prepare your organization’s monthly financial reports. We usually maintains spreadsheets of all the financial activities of your organization and compiles them into a report at the end of the month. The report details the inflows and outflows of cash in your organization, which helps in establishing accountability in the business. We also keeps all the documentation that supports the figures contained in the report, such as invoices and receipts, for auditing purposes.

Accounts Management
We manage the cash controls in your organization ensuring that money is properly applied to the business goals; under this we take charge of collecting money relating to the accounts receivables of your organization, such as debtors’ payments and rental income. We also help to track and pay your organization’s liabilities such as insurance premiums, social security payments and other accounts payables. When Kal Associates is contracted as your financial administrator we help manage the entire financial management tool such as approving procurement requests and cash disbursements and reflect all the company transactions in a cash flow statement that we regularly reconcile to keep track of your money.

One of our main responsibilities as your financial administrator is to draw up your organization’s monthly budget based on the requirements of the business. We help you professionally manage your company’s cash and the feasible, integral and accurate of your money. In performing this duty, we liaise with the heads of other departments to find out if they have any supplementary needs so that he can make realistic cash flow projections. After preparing the budget, we allocates to each department the cash it requires.

Investment Support
As your financial administrator we also offer investment support either by providing relevant information on the company’s finances or by developing and maintaining an investment portfolio. We handle the financial resources of the organization, so that we can offer valuable contributions on the liquidity, debts and financial projections of your company, which assist in making investment decisions. Alternatively, We as your financial administrator could be empowered to invest excess cash, but we always must adhere to your company's rules and policies. Furthermore, we must make full disclosure of the ways in which we have applied your money.
Financial Administration
Financial Administration
Financial Administration
Financial Administration
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