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KAL Associates Human Resource Planning
Human Resource Services

KAL Associates Human Resource Consulting provides expert assistance with personnel practices, systems, controls and evaluations. Our key services in this sector include;

  • Advice in computerisation of employee records
  • Career development and growth
  • Development of job descriptions and specifications
  • Development of staff appraisal and job evaluation systems
  • Development of training needs through staff training needs assessment
  • Executive staff recruitment
  • Job Classification and Grading
  • Manpower planning and
  • Manpower Profiling
  • Personnel/payroll systems
  • Provision of vote authentic ICT systems to curb rigging
  • Reviews of personnel practices and procedures.
  • Reward/Remuneration Structuring
  • Staff restructuring
  • Training of trainers

All organizations, no matter how large or small, have three critical resources that must be used effectively for the organization to be successful. These critical resources are:

1. the technology that is used to create the product or deliver the service;
2. the finances the organization uses to pay for whatever it requires; and,
3. the people whose skills and talents are utilized to do the work that is needed.

The main driver in the use of its resource is the mission and vision of the organization; these identify the reason for the use of the resource. Successful organizations have strategic and business plans that are specific to how the above three critical resources are managed and utilized.

  •   The Human Resource

The human resource refers to the people whose knowledge, skills, and abilities are utilized to create and deliver the product and service. This resource is considered to be an organization’s greatest resource. This is due to the fact that an organization could not be managed or products and services created and delivered without the use of the HR people. Technology and money are also required to achieve the goals of the organization, but these resources cannot be utilized without some assistance from people.

There are three areas where plans are developed for effectively utilizing the human resource. The human resource strategic plan identifies how to: attract the right types and numbers of people; develop the knowledge, skills and abilities of employees; and, retain the employees within the organization.

Successful organizations have the right types and amount of people to perform the required duties to achieve the organizations’ objectives. Initially this involves finding the right type and amount of people in the market place. Once these people are working for the organization, their technology needs to be kept current as they use it with the clients with whom they are interacting. Time and money is spent on regularly developing or adapting to new technologies. Since organizations don’t usually want to lose a resource in which they have made an investment, they develop and implement systems that retain this resource. These systems include identifying appropriate human resource management techniques to motivate the performance of the employees.
Human Resource Strategic Planning
Emphasizing the Role of the Human Resources Department

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Formulating Human Resources Strategies and Developing the HR Action Plan

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The Assessment Programs
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The HR Action Plan Sample

The Recruitment Strategies
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The Orientation and Training Programs

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KAL Associates Human Resource Management
KAL Associates Human Resource Planning
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