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Investment Advisory Services

As an investor, you're faced with an uncertain and volatile financial marketplace further complicated by the wide array of investment options available to you. You know that proper planning and discipline are important in working toward financial independence and security for your business, but developing a sound strategy and selecting, monitoring, and managing your investments yourself can be an arduous task. For investors who would like to free themselves from the need to constantly monitor asset allocation and portfolios, Kal Associates has a wide array of advisory programs designed to match a variety of client needs.

At KAL Associates, we provide a team of professionals who will work with you to recommend a portfolio that best fits your needs. Based on fund recommendations from the experts at KAL Associates, We provide advice on how to manage your assets - all with a low initial investment, affordable pricing, and no commissions.

Three reasons to choose KAL Associates CPAs
  1. KAL Associates Oversight; Based on recommendations from the experts at KAL Associates, we provide advice, as well as ongoing investment portfolio asset allocation, monitoring and rebalancing to meet your individual risk tolerance and needs.
  2. Goal-Focused Portfolio Management; Your investment portfolio is automatically invested and rebalanced by KAL Associates so you stay focused on your specific goal.
  3. Convenient Updates and Access; You’ll get regular updates on your investment portfolio and have access to the KAL Associates Service Team by calling
Landline: +256 312-372117, 
Mobile: +256 772-561129, +256 755-503446
8:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. ET, Monday – Saturday, excluding public holidays.

KAL Associates Investment Advisory
KAL Associates Advisory Services

We deliver investment advice flexible enough to help you pursue a wide range of financial goals. KAL Associates will recommend a professionally managed and diversified investment portfolio that utilizes either mutual funds, Startup Funds or Bank Loans. This disciplined approach can help you pursue your pre-retirement goals or build your nest egg.

We provide investment advice in a wide variety of mutual funds that is designed to produce moderate and more consistent returns with lower volatility over the long run, while maintaining a low sensitivity to interest rate and equity market risks. This type of investment is suited for investors focusing on long term wealth accumulation or retirement.

We provide diversified investment advisory services responsive to questions of a wide array of asset classes and sectors. Our goal is to tactically pursue market opportunities while managing investment risk. It’s a strategy typically only available to institutional investors.
KAL Associates Advisory Services
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