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Certified Public Accountants
Certified Public Accountants
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KAL Associates Accountancy


Certified Public Accountants


We provide a full range of accounting, audit and management consultancy services. We also offer other innovative services tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. They are;


Agribusiness Management
Auditing(external and internal)


Financial Administration & training

Feasibility studies & project proposals
Financial Reviews & Investigations/Forensic Audits

Monitoring & evaluation
Organisation Assessment
Tax Planning & Computation
Training of Board Audit committees
Human Resource Planning & Management Services
Investment Advisory Services, Business Strategy & planning


Our service deliverance under accountancy includes;
Preparation of financial statements
Diagnosing of existing accounting systems
Setting up of Financial Management systems and
Providing guidance and consultancy to our clients regarding appropriate book keeping policies and general compliance to national regulations, International Financial Reporting Standards and the income tax Act


Our service deliverance under Audit involves;

External Audit

While offering external auditing services we ensure to comply with International Standards on Auditing based on best practices.
Provision of advice to clients on the reliability and adequacy of internal controls.
Verification of the correctness of books of account and reliability of financial reports. We examine source documents in search for evidence to substantiate the records.

Internal Audit & Review

In order to enhance independence and objectivity, client organizations have continuously outsourced the internal audit function to us as a trusted partner in delivering audit functions. The internal audit services we provide entails examining and evaluating the organization’s risk management processes and systems of control and to make recommendations for the achievement of company objectives. Our Internal audit and review approach involves.
Examination and evaluation of financial and operating information within the organization
Review and advice on the development of key organizational systems and the implementation of major change.
Review of compliance with external laws and regulations and internal policies and procedures
Review of the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of operations


Our service deliverance under TAX involves;

Tax Planning

Upon request or on a retainer basis, our clients can benefit from our tax planning expertise to enable them optimise returns on their business activities and minimise their tax exposure through our tax planning and compliance advisory services. We also maintain tax records, ensure compliance with income tax laws and liaise with the relevant tax authorities on behalf of the client.

Tax Computations & Reviews

There is a need for the client to identify and exploit the tax law provisions that are of financial benefit. Disputes often arise between the client and the tax authorities regarding the right tax charge and the timing of payment of the tax and/or submission of tax returns. Tax computation services are available for clients upon request.


This professional service has three main components:

Due Diligence Assessments

Often our client’s needs include investing, divesting, or purchasing in a business and divesting shares in a company. Such decisions require reliable professional information on the value of the business or shares in question. We provide this information which creates a basis for negotiating the business deal in question. We have a team of financial experts on call that undertake these assignments on behalf of our clients.

Value for Money & Programme Evaluations

When ensuring value for money for project accomplishment; we assess whether the funds provided have been properly utilised (Efficiency), whether the objectives have been realised (Effectiveness) and how frugally the funds have been utilised (Economy).
We provide expertise to undertake these financial reviews for public sector programmes and Non-Governmental Organisations.


Clients are often faced with the need to get assurance that financial resources deployed for an activity or managed by their agents have been utilised for the intended purpose or professionally managed in line with set rules and regulations. The practice undertakes financial investigations on behalf of clients to establish this assurance or otherwise.


Advisory Service Composition:

Investment Advisory Services

We have mobilised internal capacity and also have on call expertise to provide versatile solutions in treasury and investment management.  We have the capacity of composing investment portfolios and working with offshore investment companies/banks.  Our resource team has built up financial models for various clients to enable them plan their business and cash management.


This service package affords clients the flexibility to run successful businesses with a mean lean human resource team.  

Financial Management

We act as your financial manager or provide back-up to existing financial accounting functions.
This service package includes:
Investment advice
Company health checks
Management consultancy
Budgeting & budget reviews
Diagnostic & Feasibility studies
Cash flow forecast preparation & review
General accounting, records management & reporting
Advice on setting up, registration & incorporation of businesses


As we provide Agricultural Productivity Enhancement and Commercialization services;

Agricultural Research Audit

we ensure to provide support in development of value chain mapping action plans of the selected commodities. Our value chain mapping usually includes analysis of the value chains from the point of inception to a consumer and identifying opportunities and constraints for value addition. Our analysis always involves consultation with chain actors, supporters and stakeholders along with support of the legal, regulatory and policy environment. Our approach to such assignments in a mapping exercise is structured such that it ends in a workshop with chain actors, supporters and stakeholders that will develop action plans to address constraints and enhance the available opportunities in the value chain.
We also support value chain actors in in implementing their action plans using innovative approaches particularly through commercialization of elements which includes; providing support to crops with market demand, producing to market determined specification, rural commerce, marketing, and agribusiness development for the selected commodities. We support in the production and standardization of training materials. Our agribusiness service to clients involves re-orientation of research and extension in order to complement traditional production oriented approaches with commercially oriented activities responding to market requirements, producer expressed needs, and responding to other value chain actors’ business concerns.
We are a trusted partner with management of matching grants, an element in project management that has proven to be highly problematic. Similarly we have enough expertize in auditing Agricultural research activities right from grant receipts to the field activities and laboratory accomplishments by the scientists or technicians as may be the case so as to establish value for money and accountability to the stake holders, as well as undertaking development evaluations and assessing organizational performance.



KAL Associates Human Resource Consulting services provide expert assistance with personnel practices, systems, controls and evaluations. Our key services in this sector include;

HR Management Services

Development of staff appraisal & job evaluation systems
Advice in computerisation of employee records
Reviews of personnel practices and procedures
Reward/Remuneration Structuring
Career development & growth
Executive staff recruitment
Manpower planning
Staff restructuring
Manpower Profiling
Training of trainers
Job Classification & Grading
Development of job descriptions & specifications
Provision of vote authentic ICT systems to curb rigging
Development of training needs through staff training needs assessment


Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is a sector we have embraced at the forefront of our firm and also for our clients.

Information & Communications Technology

ICT offers important techniques for improvement of office productivity and automation. We recognize ICT as a specialist area in which we offer services such as;
Provision of hardware and technical back up service and provision of software
Development of data processing and office automation strategies
Reviews of effectiveness of existing installations
Implementation of computer systems
Feasibility and application studies
Specification of software and hardware requirements
Computerisation of accounts and accounting systems (Using accounting softwares like, Pastel, Quick Books Accounting Plus, Hogia, Scala, Tally, Sage, Tompro, Finpro, Navision Financials and Sun systems)


KAL Associates acts on behalf of the client organization to general/ company secretariat services. These services are encompassed in the provision of services such as;

Secretarial Services

Formation and incorporation of companies: Memorandum and Articles of Association
Taking minutes at shareholders and directors meetings
Filling annual returns and changes in directorships
Financial management coaching
Share allotments and transfers
Maintaining the requisite statutory records
Guiding the board and management on statutory and regulatory requirements
Applications for various licenses and permits required by various relevant authorities i.e. URA, and KCCA


Fraud & Forensic Investigations


Where a client suspects wrong doing or fraud by an employee or group of staff, the firm is ably staffed to handle this task expeditiously to conclusion, making available possible documentary evidence that can be useful for prosecution in courts of law.


Training of the Board Audit Committees


We have developed a proven professional template for training of the Audit Committee members, subsequently making them more efficient and effective in their pivotal role in the various organizations.


Risk Management & Assessment


KAL Associates has the experience and the staff to assess organizational risks, ranking them accordingly to the points of probability of occurrence. Likewise the firm is able to provide the remedies for the subsequent risks.


Business Strategy & Planning


At an affordable fee, KAL has competent staff to derive a realistic business strategy arising from firm’s SWOT analysis.

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